About our Office

The diverse experience of Mr. Asser Hamza in a number of distinguished Egyptian Law firms has contributed in the refinement of his experience as an attorney at law with a background in the field of criminal law (given the experience acquired at “Ali Nour El Din law firm”, former general prosecutor), and in the field of corporate law and contracts, as a specialized attorney at law, at “Zaki Hashem law firm”.

Along with those experiences, Mr. Hamza pursued a series of specialized studies in the field of international business law, whether in Egypt, France or the United States of America, while conducting trainings, for adequate periods, at law firms in the abovementioned countries. In addition to his knowledge in managing law firms specialized in private international law, Mr. Hamza has made his decision to establish his private law firm, in the beginning of 1996. 

This decision was embraced by his colleague Mr. Soliman El Wazzan with whom he  started a partnership in the Law Firm of Mr. Kamal El Wazzan, founded in 1951, at its premises located  at 4 El Shawarbi Street, Cairo, and since then the firm was named Hamza and EL-Wazzan law firm.

Since September 1996, the torch was passed to Mr. Hamza and Mr. El-Wazzan whose partnership was built on the Firm’s legacy, leading it to the new millennium.

Their combined academic and professional experience in the legal and economic international fields enabled them to develop a specialized team in International Business Law, alongside the Firm’s initial team offering a broad spectrum of legal services. This expansion of legal services offered by the law firm, enabled the communication with clients in various languages. The coordination with respectable European law Firms led to an increase in the clients’ database and an overall expansion in the Firm’s operations and its specialized legal team.

Mr. Hamza has a wide experience in the fields of negotiation, drafting international contracts and the amicable and judicial resolution of international disputes. All his aforementioned experiences were developed while accomplishing his work in several countries such as France, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Moldova, Democratic Republic of Congo and Libya.

Due to the expansion of their business and of their clientele, at the end of the year 2004, a new office, located at 33 Kasr El Nil Street - Downtown - Cairo, was founded. And in the course of 2007, was the opening of a new extension to the office, located at the same address.

By the year 2005, the Firm established correspondent agreements with various legal entities in Egypt stretching the coverage of their legal services to include Alexandria, Hurgada and the Southern Red Sea area (Safaga, Quoser & Marsa Alam). 

Since the responsibility of Mr. Soliman El Wazzan, in his capacity as the General Secretary of the Italian Commercial Chamber, has significantly increased, he decided to leave the Firm starting from October 2009. The law firm name became "Hamza Law Firm", situated at the same address located at 33 Kasr El Nil Street-11111 Cairo. Finally on 2013, the name of the firm has changed to “Hamza & Associates Law Firm”.