A Word From Mr.Hamza

The Hamza Law Firm’s philosophy is focused on, since the establishment of the firm in 1996, in considering the legal profession as:

1- The reasonable way to introduce to all people their rights as well as their obligations.

2- It’s the defense message for the legitimate interests of the people, whether physical or legal persons.

3- It’s the smart fortification that prevents future disputes from happening, since the Client’s requirements and circumstances are well understood and the best legal solutions are provided on a high professional and credible level.

4- It sets the commercial relations progress rhythm; both local and international commerce.

To be noted that, the Firm succeeded – by implementing this philosophy – to combine the diverse cultures of its multi-nationality clients and the telling example for that is egyptianizing the rules, regulations and provisions (making them in accordance with the Egyptian laws and culture) of one of the most popular international company that operates into retail business field in Egypt.

Also, glorifying this honorable legal profession helped the firm graduating lots of colleagues since its establishment in order to transmit and circulate this respect through other associates firms, legal departments of both banks and companies that operate in Egypt and abroad as well.

And thanks to the Firm’s – in-depth – experience in all issues related to the diverse cultures and nationalities, it offers its specialized technical consultancy to some of the foreign embassies in Egypt together with some of the non-profit organizations.

Finally, in the end of this page, the Firm assures and invites everyone to realize the utmost importance of getting the necessary consultants from the specialists – each in his field of expertise – before completing any action, whether a commercial agreement or a similar action, in order to achieve balanced legal obligations without waiting for problems to occur before starting taking these specialists’ consultants.

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